25 ♡ Meme-tag

I got tagged by the lovely Ali to do a meme sort of thing. Usually, I totally forget about these but it seems like fun! This way we all get to know each other a bit better, right?

Here we go~!

Here are the rules of this tag :

- You must post these rules.
- Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
- Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, & create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
- You have to choose 11 people to tag & link them on the post.
- Go to their page & tell them you have linked him or her.
- No tag backs!
- No stuff in the tagging section about 'you are tagged if you are reading this.' You legitimately have to tag 11 people.


11 facts about me;

◆ When I am nervous, I tend to chew on the inside of my cheek.
◆ I am 181cm / 57KG.
◆ I am terrified of horses.
◆ I dislike beans with a passion, except edamame because they taste like peanuts to me.
◆ I am very impulsive, sometimes to the annoyance of friends.
◆ I can't sit still very well.
◆ I've been asked to model in Paris, but I rejected.
◆ I love horror movies and anything that has to do with it.
◆ I am terribly clumsy.
◆ I have a very bad hearing.
◆ When going to karaoke, I always have to sing Queens' 'Bohemian Rhapsody'
◆ It's hard to piss me off, but if you do it's hard to fix things.


My answers to Ali's questions:

Q. Why did you start blogging?

I've been blogging since (If I remember correctly) 2003/2004. Basically to keep updated with friends around the world, to write down my daily frustrations (As a teen lol) or my experiences with certain things. To remember things that are important to me and which I'd love to read back at certain times.

Q. What do you do when you can't think of anything interesting to blog about?

I do meme's. Haha, no I'm just kidding. I just try to find something to update about which is also interesting for my readers. Back at LJ I'd update daily, but somehow I don't think anyone is too interested in my personal life too much, other than the people I've known for a long time. Basically, if I can't think of anything these days, I'll wait until inspiration hits me.

Q. Do you have a job or are you still studying?

I work as a dental assistant after 4 years of study. I worked 3 years at a difference practise, and this year I started a new fulltime job, which I really enjoy.

Q. What's your favourite product recently?

Anything from Rituals 'TAO' line. Basically I am very much in love with their scrub cream (Wai Wang) and their body cream (Mei Dao) It has a lovely scent, based on white lotus, yi yi ren and green tea. It helps you relax a lot!

Q. Online Shopping or traditional shopping? Why?

Lately, it's been a lot of online shopping. Basically because I can't find what I am looking for in the regular stores, so I need to look it up and get it elsewhere. The only - point is the fact you can't try it on. But then again, shopping online tends to be a lot cheaper (Thus, you spend a lot more too haha!)

Q. Do you have any brothers or sisters? What do they think of your blog?

I have a younger sister, she turned 22 yesterday. I'm not sure if she knows I keep a blog, she probably does but doesn't show any interest. Perhaps I should ask sometime, but we seem different in many ways.

Q. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

That's probably a whole list of things, which I'd like to forget about as soon as I can, haha~! Singing in public must be one of them.

Q. Which blog do you visit daily or most often?

I don't have one particulair blog I follow on a daily base trough blogger, I check my followers' posts and then move onwards to ameba.

Q. Describe your own personality?

I'm a rather present person I think, even though that has changed quite some over the years. I like to go out and do things with friends when I can, which makes me pretty impulsive as well. I'm a joker, love to laugh but I also have my moments of being cranky (luckily, I hardly ever show) Perhaps somewhat OCD when it comes to certain things, I just want everything to go smooth and often take the lead if I have to.

Q. What is something you can't live without?

Food and my phone. Food because I always seem to be hungry and not gaining any weight seems to be a perfect (and perhaps deadly lol) combination. My phone because basically I can check on my friends anywhere and the other way around.

Q. Which country would you like to visit the most?

I love visiting Japan and Hong Kong, but if we speak about countries I haven't seen yet; I'd love to go to Australia/New Zealand and Canada. As long as there is something to do and see! I'm not one to lie around on the beach for days..




I GIVE UP. Everyone who'd like to do this!


1. What do you think is most important in life?
2. Is there a certain goal you'd like to reach?
3. What do you like to do in your free time?
4. What do you find important in your friends?
5. What are you terribly afraid of?
6. If you got the chance to do something you haven't done before, what would it be?
7. Your favourite celebrity.
8. If you'd need to give up one thing in life, what would it be?
9. Who do you look up to?
10. The most disgusting thing you've ever eaten?
11. Your favourite movie?


24 ♡ Selling & personal stuff.

So I decided to clean out my closet in this stormy weather. A lot of things that I bought but ended up never wearing, simply because I do not think they fit with my style or body type.


Don't worry. I got asked if I was leaving gyaru, which is not the case. I am just trying to adjust my style to where I feel comfortable in. Which probably means getting a new wardrobe haha! I am also thinking about getting extensions for the new year, my own hair still a little too short to do anything with it.

That leaves me with the question what color to dye it. I've been having this crisis for quite some time now, since my roots are showing. At some point I'd like to go back to my natural hair color (which is a dark brown) but on the other hand it cost me a lot to get it lighter, and it makes me look less pale as the dark color. Decisions decisions.

And last, but not least. This might sound funny to a lot of you, but..


Yes, that indeed sounds funny coming from a girl, right? As some of you might know I've been struggling a lot with my weight, getting sick etc. I'm quite tall, and (un)fortuatly blessed with my moms' genes. But I had found it unacceptable that my weight went below 55KG. This as a result of my stomach problems (No, I don't have an eating disorder, whatsoever) I'm glad I reached 57KG now, and fingers crossed it'll stay that way.

So, that was a little 'personal' ramble I had to get out of my system. Now it's time for Christmas decorations!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


23 ♡ Lazy Sundays

What to do on a lazy sunday? Other than my dad taking me on a tour through the middle of nowhere (I can now tell all the places next to my village..), I decided to try out a new wig that came in just a few days ago. Originally, I had wanted to use it for other purposes but it needs some work. It also seems that my camera has a few issues ; n ; so I'm stuck with my iPhone for now.

I am still waiting for my lens-order from PINKY PARADISE and a belated order from BORN PRETTY STORE. Unfortuatly, they had lost my tracking number, and after more than 4 weeks I still didn't get them. After writing them an email, in which they were really nice, they re-sent my order, so hopefully I will get those soon.

And, on a happier note;

☆☆ I will be going to Japan from March 8th - March 17th!! ☆☆

If there is anyone that'd like to meet, please let me know! I'm really excited, since the last time I have been there was 2009. It doesn't seem that long..

Time flies, doesn't it?

Now I need to figure out how I can make this blog look a little more decent. I'll try to add my twitter and tumblr account as soon as I can.

As for now, Happy St. Nick!


23 ♡ Hair cut

Exactly, I got a few inches choppped off my hair. Basically because it was rather damaged and the last time I went, the hairdresser messed up big time. It was the only time I changed from my usual hairdresser, since it was right before I left to Hong Kong, but I will never ever do it again. The cut was rediculous and ended up paying a lot for it too!

I'm glad that I had the courage to go back to my usual hairdresser. Unfortuatly..It had to be cut rather short to get it to match with the rest of my hair.

Not the best picture, but I wasn't really amused either. /derpface

Now the only question that is left,..Should I dye it a chocolate brown, or leave it this color? I can't seem to decide :c


22 ♡ Happy belated everything!

It's been almost a month since my last update, but I can tell you I've been crazy busy with work mostly. Thank you all for following me, once I have the time I'll make sure to check your blogs out as well!

So, Halloween was a few weeks ago, and HYPER's Elise organised a party at her place. I had a lot of fun, seeing a lot of new faces and ofcourse my beloved amigo's Charlie, Rox and Imke. As I was completely clueless about an outfit, I just threw something together with the help of Elise and Rox.

I decided on a Minni Mouse outfit, the hat I bought back in Tokyo Disneyland and the hands I had still laying around. A while later, a couple showed up dressed as Mickey and Minni, which was rather cute. I totally did not fit into the image, haha!

There were loads of amazing costumes, and it was great to see how everyone had put effort in it. Halloween isn't an actual thing we celebrate here. It only became more populair over the years, up to the point where they now started selling decent decorations in stores.

This was the first time I wore these lenses, as I thought they wouldn't really fit with gyaru. They're pink with a black outline, actually making your eyes pop out a little. I must say, they were very comfortable to wear, and I feel bad that I have them for almost a year and didn't get to wear them up to now. (I even forgot what they are called or where I got them from..)

I ordered two new pairs, but unfortuatly they didn't come in yet. I might try to review them once they are here!

Next update soon, please keep an eye out!


21 ♡ Japan Tag {image heavy}

You probably already have seen entries appear on Rox and Charlotte's blog, but I can't stay behind, so here's one of me!

Me and Rox decided to gather up in Den Haag to meet up with Elise, who's father would drive is to Düsseldorf. We'd all stay in a hotel together, but since there was a huge trafficjam like..EVERYWHERE, it took us ages to get there. Eventually, I think we arrived around 10:30PM, and went out to have a stroll trough (drunk) Düsseldorf-City.

I decided to go for a simple, classic look since I knew I'd be travelling for hours (Including the car-ride) Didn't bother to change to go into town, since it was cold and I didn't want to stay out for too long. Yet, Sascha came over and (Even when I hadn't planned to) I got drunk B| Everyone enjoyed themselves though, or so it seemed, and around 2AM we crashed.

Around 8 we got up to have some epic breakfast (Seriously, I love hotel breakfast..They have -everything- and you can sit there for hours stuffing your face with the most delicious things) Unfortuatly, we didn't have that much time that morning since we had to get all dolled up. That is me, together with Rox and Elise from HYPER We all decided on wearing a yukata, even though it is October and freezing haha!

We were picked up by Sascha, since we were suppose to meet a couple of German gals at the trainstation. After almost an hour of waiting, we were still missing a few but decided to head off to town. Eventually, we all lost each other again so me and Rox stuck together like real die-hards. But there wasn't much time to walk around. Every 2 meters we were stopped and asked for a picture. I felt sorry for my friend, who continously had to hold my bag, and even for myself since people were rude enough to make pictures while I tried to eat my yakisoba ; n ;

Here's some pictures;

She was absolutely adorable! I think you all now Kiki's Delivery Service (Sorry about my face glowing, we kept on staring right into the sun aka looking like Earl Hickey on almost every picture haha!)

This was yet the most adorable girl I have seen all day. She was running around and her mother looked just as gorgeous (dressed in EGL) I even got a hand-kiss and high five from her.

When the evening started to fall, we went to look for Charlotte who was there with her boyfriend and mother.

And again, we got scouted by the parents of (I believe) a teenage Japanese dance-group with 10-year olds who seemed desperate to take a picture with us.

(I honestly have no idea who that narutard is...She just suddenly jumped into every picture)

When it became dark, we tried to gather everyone (In which we actually succeed!) Had an interview with centertv.de (This lady recognized me from last year where I did an interview with Scarlet) and seemed desperate to do another one, so she found a collegue that spoke Dutch and was able to translate!

We went to look for a place to eat/sit down, but since everyone already started to gather up for the fireworks, Elise Rox and me decided to find a good spot and the others would join later.

Some people decided to become racist bastards, we just point and laughed since we were here to enjoy ourselves. Eventually, everyone joined us right before the fireworks would start, even Sascha managed to find us! At 9:30PM, the fireworks kicked off.

20 minutes of the most amazing fireworks! When it ended, it was quite a pain to get out, since we had to go into the opposite direction of everyone else but made it in the end. It was so cold, and even in the hotel I couldn't seem to warm up. We head out for some turkish pizza, but me and Rox quickly fell asleep.

Next morning, we actually managed to sit there for almost 2 hours, enjoying ourselves in the sun. Me and Rox were fab at 8:30AM. Talked about Japan Tag and had a generally great time. I must say I had a lot of fun, despite we didn't see that much of the festival grounds (except some preformances)

See you again next year!


20 ♡ 26hr days.

Yes, I wish a day had more hours. I seem so busy lately, with work and hanging around with friends (Work mostly, but I have a week off now) And there's so much to blog about, like my recent gets, but I didn't even have time to put pictures together yet /KRY.

So, you just have to deal with this one for now!

Tomorrow I'm leaving for Germany! I love Germany so I'm glad to be able to stay for a few days. After that, home for 2 days and back to Germany for Japan Tag. Is anyone of you going? It'd be lovely to meet you guys!

Aaaand, I sort of lied about not having -ANY- outfit photo's. This is one of when I went to Charlie's place to celebrate our birthday;

(Please kindly ignore the mess and the dirty mirror)
Outfit rundown;

Onepiece: D.I.A
Belt: D.I.A
Tights: Topshop

See you guys in a couple of days!!

Take care and dress warm, it seems like summer has finally come to an end (As far as we were allowed to call it an actual summer haha!)


19 ♡ Good & bad times

Regarding my last post, I took a few days off from blogging since my bunny didn't make it trough the night when I posted. It was such a sad thing to see, but I know that I've done all that I could. It was a lot harder on me as I thought it'd be, but it seems that even the smallest creatures can win over your heart. Rest in peace, little man.

I've been up and about the past few days, not feeling too well but I managed to drag myself trough it. Starting off with;


I helped out at the concert that was held in the Netherlands. Since I didn't have much time to get ready, I went for a simple, somewhat darker look (Inspired by Nonoka). I had to work there anyway, so dressing up wasn't really an option (´∀`)

Everyone was insanely nice, the staff & bandmembers. I'd like to give a big THANK YOU to all of them (And perhaps to whoever made desert..Cake & Yoghurt ou-la-la)

(Yes I know my boots are way too big (´∩`。) ) They wanted pictures with all staff so, there we go. The members returned safely to Japan, and we'll keep our fingers crossed for them to come back. It seems they had a wonderful time in Europe.



18 ♡ My rabbit

I know this totally off-topic, but I need a place to write this down. Since 1,5 years own the cutest bunny, called Statch. A few days ago, he stopped eating and drinking, so today I went to the vet. I hate to see him suffer, for me a bunny is just as special as a cat, dog or horse and I love animals. Seeing him like this is heartbreaking..

The vet basically said that he's in a bad condition, and that he might not make it. I was given the option to put him down, so he wouldn't need to suffer, or do our best to get him back up upon his feet. I couldn't ever get it over my heart to put him down if I know there's still a chance for him to survive. But now I'm home, and I look at him..

I don't think he'll make it trough the night.

I'm going to keep my everything crossed that he'll get trough this.


17 ♡ HYPER @tumblr

We'd like everyone to know that HYPER now has their own tumblr account!

You can follow us ☆--:*BY CLICKING THIS LINK*:--☆

Now, the weather has become rather gloomy and it seems fall has started.

What are your favourite ways to spend fall? Do you like to cuddle up in a blanket and watch the scenery, or do you rather go out for long walks ( And with that, I obviously meant shopping (>ω<*) )

I'm more of a person that likes to take long baths when the weather becomes colder,..Stay tuned for my next update about RITUALS and a small give-away to introduce this lovely brand!


16 ♡ Abunai -part 2- わたしはあくまで執事ですから

So, I hereby bring you part two of Abunai. Which was mainly filled with 'work'. After the success of Sparkling Potpourri (Maid Cafe) we now have Royal Roulette! This was the first time we had a butlercafe at an animeconvention, and it was pretty successful.

The opening was wonderful, there was already a huge line for the cafe. Unfortuatly we only have limited space, but people were willing to wait and get served by one of the wonderful butlers.

This was today's outfit. Basically, nothing really special! I had a great time serving all those lovely people, and somehow managed to gain fans (ノ´∀`*)ノ People were able to take pictures with one of the butlers (Or all of them, which was hard) and got a printed copy which we'd sign.

I'd like to thank all the lovely butlers and customers for making Royal Roulette a success already! Please come check us out on one of the upcoming conventions (*・∀・)/♡\(・∀・*) I promise it'll be a memorable experience ~

- Together with Charlie, Kari and Rox from HYPER -


15 ♡ Abunai -part 1-

Something I look forward to every year, is Abunai. An anime convention that grew out to one of the biggest in Holland. But this year it was extra special!

After the meeting in Amsterdam, the lovely ladies from HYPER asked me to join their circle. The decision was easily made, and from that date I have been part of their sa.

This also meant I was able to join them in the Gyaru fashion show that was held at the convention. On this day, about 3000 visitors would be there, and we managed to fill up half of the big hall, which I think is pretty amazing!

(We even have 2-angle video material haha)

Everyone looked absolutely stunning, I'm really proud of these girls, and honoured to be part of this cir. I was presenting the host and gyaru-o (Rock) style.



I'll show you what else I've been up to in the next post, so keep an eye out. I'd also like to thank my recent followers, I'll try to keep you entertained!


14 ♡ Selling [ D.I.A. / Yumetenbo / Swimmer / W♥C

Since I was in the process of cleaning my closet out, I came to the conclusion a few things need to go. Basically because they don't fit my style, or they don't fit me in general.

Please have a look at my salespost on ELJAY

I might be adding more in the future. If you are interested in any of the items please reply at my post, or drop a comment here


13 ♡ International Gyaru meet ★ A M S T E R D A M

Some people might have already seen this on Facebook, but this weekend we finally had the 'International Gyaru meet' in Amsterdam! We had the lovely Monica, Marcus, Amanda, Ingvild and Eivind over from Norway, and Sascha from Germany. Then there were the gals of Shebooya, and the lovely HYPER girls, and a lot of other people interested in the style.

The meet-up originally was 3 days, but most of the people showed up on Saturday. The weather had been treating us well, until we head off to have dinner at Wagamama's.

On Friday we celebrated Marcus' birthday at a Chinese restaurant. I didn't take any pictures since I forgot my camera, and I looked like crap because I had been working all day (and rushed off to the station to be at the party in time) After that we went into Amsterdam for a couple of drinks, but seeing as everyone was rather tired, we head back around 1 (And...didn't fell asleep until 3)

The next morning we got up an hour later as expected and got ready. It was time for something new and refreshing, and I hadn't really told anyone about it so..I was curious about everyone's reaction..

Something before 12 we went off to the station and met up with all the other gals, and left to town a little before 1. Some went to the sex-museum, but I decided (broke forever) to go into town and have some food instead.

(With the bella chika's from HYPER PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT) Rox, Jessica and Estherbel.

After that we all met up at La Place where the others had been eating, and went for another stroll until we'd have dinner at Wagamama's. (If there's a restaurant of them near you, I really suggest the curry!! BEST THING EVER) It was quite the sight, all the people looked up when we marched in with a 30+ group, asking where we were from and why we looked like this.

Me and Sascha

Later that night, we couldn't decide where to go or what to do. I was pretty tired, but we did end up drinking at the hotel, playing a game called 'Time, No time' (which is pretty silly when you had a few drinks) when Rox told me they'd come over and drag us out for a good time. And a good time it was!!

That was the whole group before people had to go home, and before we went to have food. As you can see, the weather wasn't exactly on our side. So basically, the promised 'BEACH' was far..far away.

My battery sadly died somewhere along the way, so that left me with just a polaroid camera. I will try to post some of those later, when I figured out the settings of my scanner :'D

So I will leave you with our kick ass food-baby court table!


12 ♡ Hong Kong -part deux-

Well hello there, after almost a week. Seems like there hasn't been much time to update, since we have been exploring most of Hong Kong these days. We've come across some nice shops on which we plan to visit later.

The picture above are the first pair of shoes I fell in love with after a long - looong time. I saw a girl sporting these in pink and I told my friend that it was my destination to find these shoes. For some reason these kind of sandals (which look like MBT sandals) are trending here in Hong Kong. MBT sandals are proven to have a positive influence on your walking and body, but they aren't exactly fashionable in my opinion. It seems that the shoestores in Hong Kong have found something about that. I found these at Laforet in Causeway Bay and I couldn't help but to get them! They have a lot of cute tiny stores in Laforet and Island Beverly, if you happen to go to Hong Kong it's definitely worth a visit!!

We also went to Harbour City, which has almost everything under one roof. A wonderful day out if it pours (Like it did a few days ago) Too bad our attempt to see the Symphony of Lights kind of failed thanks to a tropical monsoon.

Also, if you're looking for a purikura centre;

Go to WTC in Causeway Bay, up on the 6th floor, but be sure to avoid the big groups of high-schoolers on weekdays! I'll try to post some in the upcoming post.

Heading to Kowloon soon, so stay tuned!


11 ♡ Hong Kong arrival

Just a quick HELLOOOO from Hong Kong. We just arrived to our second hotel, which is in Wan Chai (Near Causeway Bay) And this is the view from our room :D

So far we just went into Causeway Bay for a quick look around, and I can tell you this is going to be promising! Please stay watched :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


10 ♡ Travelling HONG KONG

Originally I wanted to make a combined post about both tanning and my upcoming travel, but due to the fact my net had been acting up rather bad, and I wasn't able to post earlier, I need to save the tanning post for later. Due to the busy days at work, I've been slacking quite a bit, but have a sneak preview!

This leads me to the next topic (In a silly way haha)

Tomorrow evening I will be leaving to Hong Kong for three weeks!
The original plan was to go back to Japan, since I had to miss out last year. We were suppose to book our tickets on the day of the earthquake, and decided it was wise to change our plans since we weren't sure what the future'd bring. Therefor, we're going to leave to Hong Kong instead!

It'll be my first time, and I'm incredibly excited. Even though I suck when it comes to packing (I've already re-packed atleast 5 times now..) I already had a lot of information from people who went, sightseeing etc. I'm curious to see how the gal-scene in Hong Kong is (Naturally, all kinds of fashion ofcourse) but since LizLisa has stores, and a lot of Japanese make-up brands are sold there, I'm looking forward to it!

If there are any gals that happen to be around in Hong Kong, feel free to leave a comment! I hope I will be able to update as much as possible, depending on the internet connection. I'm pretty sure it'll be a interesting and most awesome trip!

Please stay tuned for the next update(s) from Hong Kong ~

(Picture taken at Deshima Sounds together with the lovely Scarlet Penta) I had my hair cut a few weeks ago. For me it's..insanely short haha (Possibly very good for the weather in Hong Kong though!) I still need to get used to it.

Outfit rundown;

Dress - D.I.A.
Bolero - New Yorker
Tights - Top Shop
Shoes - ??

More will follow in the upcoming days. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


9 ♡ Hair & Tape extensions

After ages of deciding what to do with my hair, I finally managed to make up my mind. I've been horrible when it comes to hairdressers' appointments, and I always had odd cuts and now this one is starting to grow out weird, and the ends are insanely dry. I've been trying to use hairmasks, but at some point it can't be helped anymore right?

So tomorrow I'll be getting my hair cut rather short I must say, but it's all for the best! (I keep telling myself it'll grow back haha) I know gyaru is all about the long, curly hair but I do love the shorter styles as well. In my opinion you can pull gyaru off in many ways as long as you got the basics right!

This is what I'm basically aiming for :)

The red part sort of indicates what length it'd be. I will be doing the coloring myself, since I don't want to end up with a horrible color like last time. If something is bound to go wrong, I can atleast blame myself for it haha!

I hope I can find matching extensions to get it styled like that. I know the two-tone is getting a little old, but that doesn't keep me from getting it done :D

Which brings me to the next topic;


I don't know if you have ever heard of it, but I've seen it in Japanese hair tutorials before, yet I had no idea what they actually were. It might be something old I'm bringing up now, but it sort of fascinated me when I came across it.

Basically, they look like this:

A piece of tape with your extensions stuck to it. You need 2 pieces to cover up. Part your hair, place one of extions with the sticky side up, underneath the hair you parted. Take your second extension, and place it above the parted section with your own hair in between, to cover the lower sticky part.

Like I said, I have never tried them but it got me curious. I think it's a pain to take them out (Remember when you'd accidently get tape stuck in your hair as a kid?) but the results seem really nice, almost unnoticable.

Do you have any experience with these kind of extensions? I'm tempted to try them out, but I'd rather not ruin my hair even more.

Also. I'd like to thank everyone for following me! Once I've hit 50 (Yes, only just 50 but I'm still grateful) there'll be a give-away. I hope I got you guys curious :D

Next post:

Tanning & Upcoming journey to ... ?


8 ♡ New layout & Moonboots .. In summer?

YES! It's finally up; My new layout featuring Mipotan! The second outfit is one of my favourite coords. I have also added a shoutbox to the sidebar, please check it out!

And now the weather is gradually getting better, it's time to clean out my closet! A sales post will be coming up featuring d.i.a. dresses so keep an eye out!

I tried out my new blusher by Sephora, even though it's not really clear in this picture. I love it to death, it really gives your cheeks a rosy color, and it stays on perfect! I also bought this jumpsuit, which is perfect for warm weather.

A better view of the jumpsuit; ↓ ↓ ↓

I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather! 
Right now I am looking for suggestions to blog about, I seem a little inspirationless these days. So if you have any, please let me know!

Also, what's up with this thing about wearing moonboots in summer? I was looking trough the new EGG and I spot Kanako wearing an outfit, combined with moonboots. Interesting..

I'm curious to your oppinion about this. I've always found moonboots kind of cute since they make your feet look all small (In case you have very big feet haha!) But I've never considered wearing them in summer..


7 ♡ How to straight a synthetic wig.

Finally a (hopefully) useful blog entry!

I grew a little bored today, even though the weather outside is lovely, the wind is blowing way too hard to enjoy the sun. Another reason was the fact I wanted to have a straight wig. Most of the wigs I own are curly, or wavy.

Ofcourse, I could have ordered another one from Ebay. But why not work with the things you have? It's a cheap way of .. recycling old items? Either way, this is a fun and fast way to turn your old wig into a new one. (Note; This is a synthetic wig, NEVER use a straightner on a synthetic wig because it'll melt!)

What you'll need;

» Curly wig
» Big comb or brush
» Spray to untangle hair (I used one from Gliss Kur)
» Water cooker (Or if you're really old fashioned, boil your water..)
» Conditioner
» Something to put your wig on (It needs to be straight in order to get the curls out; I used the showerhead)
» Hairdryer

First, comb out your wig. It's easier to use a big comb. Make sure you get the biggest tangles out of the hair. You can use the spray so it's easier to comb trough it. No need to worry if there's still bits of tangled hair, you get to comb these out later.

My wig after combing. (See it worn in the last post)

Once you're done with that, boil the water in the cooker or the old fashioned style (I'd say, get a watercooker haha!) Make sure the wig is hanging down straight when you pour the hot water over. Don't worry, your wig won't melt! Wet all of the hair, before you put the conditioner in. Carefully comb trough it. Don't pull the hair, you don't want your wig to end up looking horrible.

After the first time of pouring the hot water over it.

I repeated this step about four times. Rinse, comb trough, put conditioner in it, comb trough and rinse again. Once you think your wig looks straight enough, make sure you wash out all of the conditioner, and carefully squeeze the biggest amount of water out of the wig. Comb trough once more before you start blowdrying.

Straight enough? Time to blowdry it.

Be careful when using your blowdryer! Make sure the temperature isn't too high, this way you could end up ruining the wig after all when small bits melt together. It might take a little longer this way, but in the end it'll be surely worth it.

Carefully dry your wig, make sure that you comb trough the hair every once in awhile to make sure the hair won't get tangled again. You could use the spray you used in the very beginning to make sure the hair looks soft and untangled.

Et voila. Your wig is done!
When the wig is still wet, you can also try to cut the ends a little straighter, so they won't end up looking like rat tails.

I hope this was useful. Any questions or want to let me know your experience, please drop a comment 


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Seems like I had a little off-day there. My blog was gone for half a week, but I couldn't resist to sign back on ( ̄▽ ̄) I've been sick, but that didn't keep me from not going out (Actually, I got sick the day I went out .. Not eventful! (´・ω・`) )

I'm glad that the weather is getting better, I started to get sick of the layers of clothing to keep me warm. Me and a friend went to this fair which I have been going to since I've been 14/15-ish. It has grown out to quite a big event, where all kind of people come together. From steampunk to gothic and cosplay; basically - Anything goes. I love to see all the different kinds of fashion and I'm always amazed by the costumes people come up with.

Since I hadn't actually prepared (seeing as I wasn't sure if I'd attend or not) I simply wore my yukata, which suited the weather. It wasn't too warm luckily, but I had a beaming headache ( ̄へ ̄)We mainly sat around and hid from the big crowd.

It was hard to keep my hair up (´・ω・`) the pins kept on falling out! Then, a culture-era clash picture just for the shits and giggles --

This man 'THE KING' of..something was desperate to get a picture with me. So here we go (And all I tried was to enjoy my sandwich..)

Next post will be full of my recent gets! Now the weather is getting better, all I want is shopping haha. Time for something new and refreshing.



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I must be the worlds worst blogger ever. Are there awards for such a thing m(._.)m  ? I'm just kidding. I've been really busy with work, and now I finally found some time to update about the Oslo Couture meeting! (Maybe I'm still depressed about the weekend being so short, I had so much fun!)

I had to work on Friday, so I had to hurry packing, which I always end up doing last minute, and went off to the station where I met Imke. Everything went smooth, to the airport and onto the flight where we arrived a little after 10PM I believe. I totally lost track of time. We had to spend that night at Gardermoen Motel since we arrived so late, and left early on Saturday to Oslo city. (So, we missed out on epic karaoke (´・ω・`) )

9AM butt face ó ò
Our hotel was fab, with semi-see trough windows in the bathroom. KINKY. It took us not too long to figure out where we had to go, and arrived a little later at Oslo station, where a lot of gals were already waiting. Everyone looked gorgeous, and they were so nice. Everyone introduced themselves, and we took out some cash. Met Monica after such a long time and we head off for lunch.
Eivind and our sunglasses.

Omelette! Their food looks like art!

I think we stayed there for quite some time, and had a nice opportunity to get to know each other :D  When we were done eating, some people left the group to get ready for the evening, and we went into town for several things. At this point, 99% was complaining about how bad their feet hurt already ( ̄▽ ̄) So a few of us ended up buying new shoes (among other things!)

Alex, looking adorable!
We had dinner at such a nice place, which we suddenly filled with a lot of people, gaining a lot of stares ofcourse. I wasn't too hungry, so all I got was a sad spring roll (I swear I thought it was bigger, please don't think I never eat ( ´∀`) ) And I shared fried rice with Hanna

Christine looking fab * 3 *

Had some looovely conversations Alex and Christine too. We had to wait a little before we were able to go to the party place, so we hung around some, eventually leaving off to the other place by bus. At this time I was cursing the heels I was wearing ( ̄へ ̄)

I had a LOVELY time that evening, despite there's a hole in my memory.
Sums up the evening pretty much (*≧▽≦)
The next day (LOL) me and Imke had a not so tasteful breakfast and decided to use all the time to get ready, so we ended up getting at the station a bit later as planned to have lunch with the others. And again,..I was full from breakfast so I ended up eating pancake and icecream. YUM!

Me and Rebecca with our fabulous moustache. I love her style!
Picture by Monica.
We wandered around town just a little longer, which wasn't exactly going fast. We got free coke, a man who's kid nearly got hit by a cab when taking a picture of us. 

You can see him on the picture ( ̄▽ ̄)

We all head off to the station and said our goodbyes since me and Imke were flying back on Sunday evening. Again, everything went smooth, we experienced that Gardermoen should invest in more restaurants with healthy food ( ̄へ ̄) When we arrived back in Holland,..Ofcourse all the trouble started. We missed two trains, had to go to Amsterdam Central and weren't home until 1AM, completely broken ofcourse.

But, they couldn't ruin this awesome weekend. I had a blast, and I can't wait to see everyone again. Thank you again Monica and all COUTUREGALS for organising this! I hope more meetings like these will be arranged.