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Seems like I had a little off-day there. My blog was gone for half a week, but I couldn't resist to sign back on ( ̄▽ ̄) I've been sick, but that didn't keep me from not going out (Actually, I got sick the day I went out .. Not eventful! (´・ω・`) )

I'm glad that the weather is getting better, I started to get sick of the layers of clothing to keep me warm. Me and a friend went to this fair which I have been going to since I've been 14/15-ish. It has grown out to quite a big event, where all kind of people come together. From steampunk to gothic and cosplay; basically - Anything goes. I love to see all the different kinds of fashion and I'm always amazed by the costumes people come up with.

Since I hadn't actually prepared (seeing as I wasn't sure if I'd attend or not) I simply wore my yukata, which suited the weather. It wasn't too warm luckily, but I had a beaming headache ( ̄へ ̄)We mainly sat around and hid from the big crowd.

It was hard to keep my hair up (´・ω・`) the pins kept on falling out! Then, a culture-era clash picture just for the shits and giggles --

This man 'THE KING' of..something was desperate to get a picture with me. So here we go (And all I tried was to enjoy my sandwich..)

Next post will be full of my recent gets! Now the weather is getting better, all I want is shopping haha. Time for something new and refreshing.


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