21 ♡ Japan Tag {image heavy}

You probably already have seen entries appear on Rox and Charlotte's blog, but I can't stay behind, so here's one of me!

Me and Rox decided to gather up in Den Haag to meet up with Elise, who's father would drive is to Düsseldorf. We'd all stay in a hotel together, but since there was a huge trafficjam like..EVERYWHERE, it took us ages to get there. Eventually, I think we arrived around 10:30PM, and went out to have a stroll trough (drunk) Düsseldorf-City.

I decided to go for a simple, classic look since I knew I'd be travelling for hours (Including the car-ride) Didn't bother to change to go into town, since it was cold and I didn't want to stay out for too long. Yet, Sascha came over and (Even when I hadn't planned to) I got drunk B| Everyone enjoyed themselves though, or so it seemed, and around 2AM we crashed.

Around 8 we got up to have some epic breakfast (Seriously, I love hotel breakfast..They have -everything- and you can sit there for hours stuffing your face with the most delicious things) Unfortuatly, we didn't have that much time that morning since we had to get all dolled up. That is me, together with Rox and Elise from HYPER We all decided on wearing a yukata, even though it is October and freezing haha!

We were picked up by Sascha, since we were suppose to meet a couple of German gals at the trainstation. After almost an hour of waiting, we were still missing a few but decided to head off to town. Eventually, we all lost each other again so me and Rox stuck together like real die-hards. But there wasn't much time to walk around. Every 2 meters we were stopped and asked for a picture. I felt sorry for my friend, who continously had to hold my bag, and even for myself since people were rude enough to make pictures while I tried to eat my yakisoba ; n ;

Here's some pictures;

She was absolutely adorable! I think you all now Kiki's Delivery Service (Sorry about my face glowing, we kept on staring right into the sun aka looking like Earl Hickey on almost every picture haha!)

This was yet the most adorable girl I have seen all day. She was running around and her mother looked just as gorgeous (dressed in EGL) I even got a hand-kiss and high five from her.

When the evening started to fall, we went to look for Charlotte who was there with her boyfriend and mother.

And again, we got scouted by the parents of (I believe) a teenage Japanese dance-group with 10-year olds who seemed desperate to take a picture with us.

(I honestly have no idea who that narutard is...She just suddenly jumped into every picture)

When it became dark, we tried to gather everyone (In which we actually succeed!) Had an interview with centertv.de (This lady recognized me from last year where I did an interview with Scarlet) and seemed desperate to do another one, so she found a collegue that spoke Dutch and was able to translate!

We went to look for a place to eat/sit down, but since everyone already started to gather up for the fireworks, Elise Rox and me decided to find a good spot and the others would join later.

Some people decided to become racist bastards, we just point and laughed since we were here to enjoy ourselves. Eventually, everyone joined us right before the fireworks would start, even Sascha managed to find us! At 9:30PM, the fireworks kicked off.

20 minutes of the most amazing fireworks! When it ended, it was quite a pain to get out, since we had to go into the opposite direction of everyone else but made it in the end. It was so cold, and even in the hotel I couldn't seem to warm up. We head out for some turkish pizza, but me and Rox quickly fell asleep.

Next morning, we actually managed to sit there for almost 2 hours, enjoying ourselves in the sun. Me and Rox were fab at 8:30AM. Talked about Japan Tag and had a generally great time. I must say I had a lot of fun, despite we didn't see that much of the festival grounds (except some preformances)

See you again next year!


20 ♡ 26hr days.

Yes, I wish a day had more hours. I seem so busy lately, with work and hanging around with friends (Work mostly, but I have a week off now) And there's so much to blog about, like my recent gets, but I didn't even have time to put pictures together yet /KRY.

So, you just have to deal with this one for now!

Tomorrow I'm leaving for Germany! I love Germany so I'm glad to be able to stay for a few days. After that, home for 2 days and back to Germany for Japan Tag. Is anyone of you going? It'd be lovely to meet you guys!

Aaaand, I sort of lied about not having -ANY- outfit photo's. This is one of when I went to Charlie's place to celebrate our birthday;

(Please kindly ignore the mess and the dirty mirror)
Outfit rundown;

Onepiece: D.I.A
Belt: D.I.A
Tights: Topshop

See you guys in a couple of days!!

Take care and dress warm, it seems like summer has finally come to an end (As far as we were allowed to call it an actual summer haha!)