38 ♡ Hoop!

Just wanted to let all of you know that I'm back to blogging! Things have been pretty much hectic ever since my last post (EXCUSES EXCUSES!) but now that I have a lot of dirt washed off of me, I can continue happily!

Please look forward to my upcoming posts! They shall contain bits and pieces from my last trip to Japan, the amazing GYARU PICKNICK and the anime convention 'ABUNAI!'


37 ♡ Animecon

Just a little post in between moving and getting settled. When it's all done and a little more like home I'll post pictures! As for now, I'll entertain you with a couple of pictures from last weeks' Animecon.
As I had no time to think of a cosplay, or even make one I decided to style up! It was funny how a lot of people mistook me for Charlotte but I also felt flattered because she's absolutely gorgeous!

My outfit for Friday;
Dress: Tralala
Bolero: LizLisa
Shoes: Yumetenbo

It was nice to get so many positive reactions about the style! I hope I managed to get a few more girls interested in gyaru fashion :)
Later that night it was time for Deshima Sounds, so I changed into my Rilakkuma kigurumi. DJ's MK* and Neodash were playing, followed by Remo-Con! I can tell you it was one hell of a party :)

Waking up next morning, I noticed how my eyes had turned red and swollen thanks to my hay fever :( So I wasn't able to wear my lenses that day.

I worn this lovely yukata from Yumetenbo. It's one of the few that actually fit me height-wise, since I'm so tall. Not feeling too well, I later changed into something else.

I felt much better afterwards! Too bad I had to work that evening and the next morning, feeling sick as a dog :c I had a lot of fun though, glad I made the decision to go after all :))
Now the weather is all good (YAY 27 DEGREES!), so I'll lean back and enjoy the sun some more! Have a wonderful weekend everyone ~


36 ♡ TOKYO [4] Asakusa / Akihabara & Takadanobaba AREA

Since we were on a roll and were left with not too much time, we managed to squeeze another 3 things into one day. We started off in Asakusa, definitely a place you'll have to see when it comes to culture. Also, Nakamise-dori is great for buying souvenirs, but obviously you'll pay a little more rather than any other place in Tokyo. If you walk down Nakamise there's a big shrine, and you could see they were already planning and decorating for the Sakura festival! I managed to make loads of pictures, which I might put in a seperate post, for now these will have to do, please enjoy them (Click on them for a bigger size)

We moved back trough Nakamise-dori after we had walked trough the garden and temple. Loads of children were running around with a paper, stopping foreigners and we had no idea what was going on, until we got stopped ourselves. The teacher explained they were having English class, and they asked us a few (standard) questions. How we were doing and if we liked Japanese food. Their introducion must have been the cutest ever! After that we signed their map and we recieved a little gift from them.

I thought it was a clever plan to walk to Akihabara from Asakusa, as I remembered how I had done that back in 2009. But..considering the weather was much better at that time, and basically because I had more time back then, I forgot how long it actually took to get there. So after my little screw up, we finally arrived at Ueno station ( B| I AM SO SORRY) and we decided to take the train to Akihabara. We had decided to go to a maid cafe, but here comes SCREW UP 2. We head into a building, took the elevator but I hadn't actually read the signs and stopped at the 2nd floor. The doors open and we were faced with a wall. ( B| SORRRRYYYY) so we head back downstairs, with only a bit of time left. For some reason it didn't feel like the Akihabara I had been to in 2009, perhaps because of the terrible windy weather and small amount of time we had. Hopefully next time will be better! We went to an arcade and tried our luck on the UFO catchers once again, the people there being all so willing enough to help us win the things we had our eyes on! A set of purikura, before we had to go back to Asakusa and get ready for our live later that day, which took place in Takadanobaba AREA.

Imke didn't feel well and decided not to tag along, so it was just me and Ali. We decided on a twin coordination that day, luckily Ali let me borrow some of her stuff so we looked basically the same. Head out to Takadanobaba and it was a goddamn miracle we found our way there so easily and right in time before bands started to play.

3月12日2012 @ 高田馬場AREA
ジグラット / コドモドラゴン / N@H-ノア- / LANDZ /
EAT YOU ALIVE / ヴェルテクス-Vertex- / BIOSPHIA

I was excited to see N@H-ノア- again! I can't believe how much energy Rai has! I was also curious to see コドモドラゴン ever since Ali had told me about them. I really enjoyed all of the bands that played, except for EAT YOU ALIVE. I don't know why, but their set seemed a little 'boring' to me. BIOSPHIA on the other hand pulled me off my feet, just like ヴェルテクス-Vertex- I really recomment seeing those if you have the chance, as well as コドモドラゴン
The crowd was really nice as well. Ali met this girl, who'm she had known (I had no idea obviously hahaha) and she gave us chocolates, swapped places with us when Ali's band played. The last band that played were LANDZ, and we decided to stand in the back. Basically, we went all out together and became careless of those around us, until we noticed how a couple of girls next to us joined us all of a sudden. SUCCESSSS!! It was an amazing live not to say the least!

Quickly after the live we head out to go to Shinjuku, decided on purikura instead of waiting out in the cold. Most amazing thing was when someone accidently marched into our booth :'DD

You can't really tell but I looked sideways all 'WTH IS GOING ON' when she walked in haha! I'll upload better scans of my purikura in a later post. You can vaguely see our outfits. MarpleQ shirts (Which are more like a dress THANK GOD) and loads of glitter in our hair because we felt like it. I feel sorry for the people at the hostel hahaha (NOT!!)

After that we head back since it was cold. Once in Shibuya we nearly stumbled over this guy who was seated in the corner and literally had thrown up ALL over himself, and his friends making fun of him obviously. Once in Asakusa we RAN over the blue bridge, now also knowns as 'BRIDGE OF DOOM'. Which...Actually was pretty funny because we probably looked like a bunch of chicken on the run. Imke was still awake luckily, but we couldn't stay up too late, as the day after was going to be busy but also fun!



35 ♡ TOKYO [3] Shibuya & Harajuku

Today would be a shopping day mostly, so we head out to Shibuya first! Ofcourse we kept in mind it'd be busy. It was March 11, exactly a year after the terrible earthquake and devistating tsunami. Busses and lanterns held flags that said 'THANK YOU JAPAN' or 'Action for Nippon' and there were many companies trying to raise money for the victims of the tsunami.

109 as usual, was rather crowded but we were able to make our way trough. They were handing out free samples from Skin Food I believe it was called, as their shop opened that day.

After we had gone trough most of the shops, we decided on getting some food before Ali'd lead us to Harajuku (I've been lazy and always took the train in my earlier trips haha) The weather was nice and we had time so why not!

Ofcourse, it being a Sunday, Harajuku was PACKED with people which made it hard to get trough. I wasn't too bothered, as I randomly walked into stores anyway. We visit the 10th store, where I sort of hoped to find A's bracelet which unfortuatly was completely sold out. Just my luck, haha! I managed to snatch a Kiryuu one though!

Since most of the stores were closing down by now, we decided to eat something at Wolfgang Puck's, as I for some reason always end up there after a long day of shopping hahaha! Bring on the burgers and sandwiches! After we had sat around and made some purikura, we head back home. What I got, you'll probably see in the upcoming posts of my gets!



34 ♡ TOKYO [2] CALICO cafe / Mahou no Kuni no Alice & KINEMA

Today was going to be a busy day, so we got up early to meet our friend Ku who is currently living down in Aomori and decided to join us for a day. We met up at 9:30AM at Ueno station, and decided on breakfast at the Hardrock Cafe. I already ate something back at the hostel so I got a cappuchino, while Imke had an amazing American breakfast haha!

After that we decided to get going, our first stop would be Shinjuku's 'CALICO CAFE' (猫カフェ 新宿). Ku had already told me about this cafe, and I had been dying to go. What else is better than being surrounded by 40+ cats!? (Especially since I am not allowed to have one of my own..) We stopped for purikura and set off to the cafe.

Upon entering you will recieve a batch with a number, and you are requested to take your shoes off and desinfect your hands, ofcourse to keep all cats in a healthy condition. All your things can be put away in a locker, and you are free to enter.

After we had sat around for a bit and got settled with the cats, we decided to move to the floor below where Imke and Ku had already taken place and got attacked by cats, as they had bought a small box of chicken. So..I decided to get some too. I'm not lying when I say they literally attack you to get some. I had been sneaky though and kept it to myself, until the most adorable Persian came over. Not soon after I was surrounded by cats as well (Much to the annoyance of the woman next to me who tried to read a book, HAH)

Since we didn't have that much time, we left about an hour later to another cafe Ku had suggested, and because I knew Imke likes Alice in Wonderland. It was quite a hassle to find out where to go, but Ku and Imke did the trick and we finally found the cafe! (It's hidden so well too haha)

The staff there was insanely cute, and ofcourse everything was Alice themed. Since it was rather fully booked we only got a certain amount of time to finish our food, which was alright since we also had other plans. I had decided on a salad, pasta and a caterpillar cake. I'd recommend this restaurant if you like themed places, the food looks like a piece of art! I felt bad crushing my desert hahaha.

When we finished, we took the train to Uguisudani and head off to club Kinema (東京キネマ倶楽部) We had gotten tickets for Kisaki's 'BIRTHDAY EVENT' I'm not a huge fan of UCP bands, but there had been Diaura and Lycaon that I had wanted to see. I have no regrets going at all, the atmosphere was amazing and not too busy. There was a band called N@H-ノア- me and Ali had gotten excited over, and I think they really won our hearts. Lucky for us, we were going to see them again soon.

3月10日2012 @ 東京キネマ倶楽部
凛 / Black Gene For the Next Scene / DIAURA / Lycaon /
Megaromania / 怪奇!!動物アジテーター / N@H-ノア- / SOMATIC GUARDIAN

SOMATIC GUARDIAN started off and it makes me sad they're disbanding, because their set was amazing! So much interaction with the audience! But it can't be helped, they even joked about it themselves. DIAURA and Lycaon were amazing, Yo-Ka is so violent hahaha! And so is Yuuki. At some point I couldn't move my head anymore but Yo-Ka ushered us to continue..LOL /headroll.

I wasn't too excited for Megaromania, and we left somewhere after Lin set off (It being Kisaki's birthday party, they were up last) Mainly because Ku had to leave back to the airport, and Ali had taken off earlier, I didn't feel like staying myself, considering the rush of people that had to go up with the elevator too haha!

Cruising back to Ueno (Which luckily wasn't too far) we said our goodbyes to Ku who had to go back to Aomori, and we set off back to Asakusa where we found Ali back home as well. All in all, it was such a lovely day, even if we had to squeeze so much together. But I guess that makes it all worth it too!

NEXT ------ Off day @ Shibuya & Harajuku


33 ♡ TOKYO [1] arrival + shibuya

Fiiiiiinally I get a chance to blog. Jetlag has been killing me, while I usually don't have any problem with it, I guess having a fulltime job makes it a little harder getting back into my normal shedule. But I can finally write down my entire trip, even when there's still pictures missing, I'll make sure to upload those in different posts!


YES, 3 in 1. Because Wednesday we left to the Airport Hotel straight after work, since we'd fly at 7:30AM that Thursday morning. All went well, we stuffed ourself with delicious food and went to bed waaay too late, to get up at 4AM.

Checked in, and waited around since most of the stores wouldn't open until 6 and we were getting rather hungry too. Found STARBUCKS and sat around until we were allowed to board on our flight to London. Waiting at London seemed to take FOREVER, since Heathrow isn't exactly exciting either we just bummed around until it was time to board our flight to Tokyo.

Imke's tea, it was beautiful! A flower appeared

And that's when things started to become rather annoying. Appearently a bag was lost/stuck, systems failed so it couldn't get on board which resulted in a 2 hour delay. 2 HOURS OF SITTING AROUND with no drinks or food whatsoever. When we finally took off, it seemed like FOREVER for us to get to Narita.

Luckily, I was able to get some sleep and skipped all the way we flew over Russia. (Occasionally waking up thanks to movies I was trying to watch lol)

Finally, with a 2hr delay we arrived safely at Narita, but I was getting stressed since Ali was suppose to pick us up at the time we landed. I had no way of contacting her either so I kept my everything crossed.

Getting to Asakusa wasn't a problem at all. The only thing that bugged us was the fact it was pouring down. And ofcourse,..I had taken the wrong umbrella. After a bit of cursing and taken the wrong exit (LOL don't even ask) we were on our way, hoping to find Ali at the blue bridge. We couldn't spot her though, so decided to go straight to the hostel. All soaked and whatnot, we had to wait until 3 to get the key to our room, and LUCKILY Ali appeared!

We were able to drag our suitcases up and got some food since we were all starving, before we head out to meet a friend in Shibuya. It was still a bit overwhelming, but I didn't feel tired at all. We had decided to meet at 6:30, and thank GOD she found me because there were so many people.

We head out to 109, mostly to browse stores but I ended up buying a sweater I had been eyeing at Glad News. God their new collection is absolute love! The staff-chan wore the most amazing shoes, but unfortuatly they'd turn me into a tree so I had to pass on those.

After that, we went to an amazing pasta restaurant called SHIBUYA 029 my friend recommended. It being Friday evening, most places seemed to be packed with collegues out for drinking.

I had a wonderful time with lots of laughter! After that we decided on a gamecentre for purikura and to try our luck at the UFO catchers. Unfortuatly, it was getting late and we had become rather tired so we head back to the station and said our goodbyes. But, I'd meet her again, so all was good! Even though the friday had been rather short, we still managed to get out and have a great time.

Next -----

CALICO CAFE & Mahou no Kuni no Alice



As the title might say, STRESSING. The past days have been so busy, and I still need a few last things to pack before leaving.

I can't believe it's only one day of work left before I'll fly off to Japan! But I couldn't resist when my wig arrived today..

I guess this has been planned for AGES, and I look forward to get the costume done. If you hadn't guessed, it's Sebastian from the anime Kuroshitsuji. I'm still not content with the wig so I'll style it here and there. I'm excited to wear it! (sorry for the blurry pic, already had my camera packed B| )

Now..I need to continue stuffing my suitcase or I'll never get this done :c Next update will most likely be from faraway Tokyo!

Love you guys!


31 ♡ S T Y L E

Time to show a different side of me, one that has been hiding under a rock for ages it seems, haha! But with some inspiration and time on my hands, I am finally able to show you the other side. (Sounds dark huh, lol)

A sweet style. One I wish I could do more often, but in which I feel uncomfortable with because of my height.

Outfit rundown >>

Dress: Yumetenbo
Cardigan: New Look (Not shown in picture)
Boots & Covers: Primark & Yumetenbo
Baret: Second hand store

I love the dress, but it's hard to find a matching cardigan that looks just as classic.

Now the rock inspired outfit. I lean more towards this style and it's amazing how much you can actually do with it!

Outfit rundown >>

Shirt: Real MA*RS (Doesn't really show :v)
Hotpants: H&M
Boots: Can't remember :c
Belt: D.I.A

Still, I'm not happy nor content with it. I can't wait to go to Japan in 3 weeks and come back with a complete new wardrobe!

And I must apologize I always block random things out of my pictures, but my room is so small it always tends to look messy m(_ _)m

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!
It's Carnival here but I don't think I'll be heading out.

Take care!


30 ♡ ♥(人´∀`*)

I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day. Whether you have spend it with your beloved one, your dearest friends or family, I hope it has been a lovely one (>ω<*)ノノ田♥



T E S T(;゜0゜)

Let's see if mobile posts work from here (^O^☆♪ fingers crossed it won't eat any old posts!

I guess I can update more frequent at this point, even when it's just pictures ♪

28 ♡ HYPER meet

Seems like my phone randomly erased my last post, which is alright since it was about the GGA. Hope everyone made their votes on time!

So, this is already two weeks ago (I know, I'm super behind on everything :c ) but I wanted to update about it nonetheless. HYPER had a giftswap meet that weekend, and at first I wasn't sure whether I could make it..BUT I DID! I didn't join the giftswap, but it was alright. Everyone got super lovely gifts, and it was nice to see everyone's reaction!

This was my coordination for the day. Nothing super exciting since it was really cold, and the wind ruined my hair even before we arrived at Rox's place! Luckily her place was warm and crunchy!

Outfit rundown;

Shirt: Buffalo Bob's
Jeans: Offbrand (Takeshita dori shop)
Shoes: H&M (collab for 'The girl with the Dragon Tattoo')
Accesoires: Vivienne Westwood & Offbrand

Please ignore the messy hallway (Rox had to move several things out and more people obviously live there :'D)

And a group picture, taken from the lovely Gigi!

I had such a wonderful day with my gals, and I hope we can have more of these in the upcoming future. Everyone's really busy, but I look forward to our next meet.

And secretly...

I hope the weather will go warmer soon.

Everyone, please stay warm and safe :)


27 ♡ Head Shot

I finally got most of the things I had been waiting for. Ofcourse I was blessed with customs, but all I can say it was pretty much worth it haha! For now it's only a few outfit shots, things are still a little hectic but I'm determined to make 2012 a good year!

Top: sixH.

Top: Real Ma*rs
Cardigan: Gadget Grow
Bottom: ONLY

I had to blur my ugly socks out..

Jacket: EBAY (It was a Christmas gift from my friend)

I'll try to update more with coords and the like. I got the Buffalo Bobs shirt I had been eyeing for a while * v * And I know it's a mens' brand, but I think it fits both to be honest!

And yes, I dyed my hair back to brown. While I thought it was horrible at first, I feel much better now most of the dark color has faded out.

That was pretty much it for the first..3 weeks of January. I can't believe how fast time goes!

(Only 8 more weeks and I'll be flying to Japan!)


26 ♡ 2012

I know I'm pretty late, but things have been hectic ever since Christmas (*´Д`) ANYWAY --

To all of my readers! Thank you so much for following ♥

I've spent my new years in a theme-park! Can you believe that? They had organised a big party with fireworks, because of their 60th Anniversary this year. If you ever plan on visiting the Netherlands, you should definitely go to THE EFTELING

They had amazing fireworks, even though we had to wait a little while for them to start. There were so many people, I still can't believe it took us an hour to get out!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Years! May 2012 be a wonderful year for all of you, and make wishes come true.

To another great year!