36 ♡ TOKYO [4] Asakusa / Akihabara & Takadanobaba AREA

Since we were on a roll and were left with not too much time, we managed to squeeze another 3 things into one day. We started off in Asakusa, definitely a place you'll have to see when it comes to culture. Also, Nakamise-dori is great for buying souvenirs, but obviously you'll pay a little more rather than any other place in Tokyo. If you walk down Nakamise there's a big shrine, and you could see they were already planning and decorating for the Sakura festival! I managed to make loads of pictures, which I might put in a seperate post, for now these will have to do, please enjoy them (Click on them for a bigger size)

We moved back trough Nakamise-dori after we had walked trough the garden and temple. Loads of children were running around with a paper, stopping foreigners and we had no idea what was going on, until we got stopped ourselves. The teacher explained they were having English class, and they asked us a few (standard) questions. How we were doing and if we liked Japanese food. Their introducion must have been the cutest ever! After that we signed their map and we recieved a little gift from them.

I thought it was a clever plan to walk to Akihabara from Asakusa, as I remembered how I had done that back in 2009. But..considering the weather was much better at that time, and basically because I had more time back then, I forgot how long it actually took to get there. So after my little screw up, we finally arrived at Ueno station ( B| I AM SO SORRY) and we decided to take the train to Akihabara. We had decided to go to a maid cafe, but here comes SCREW UP 2. We head into a building, took the elevator but I hadn't actually read the signs and stopped at the 2nd floor. The doors open and we were faced with a wall. ( B| SORRRRYYYY) so we head back downstairs, with only a bit of time left. For some reason it didn't feel like the Akihabara I had been to in 2009, perhaps because of the terrible windy weather and small amount of time we had. Hopefully next time will be better! We went to an arcade and tried our luck on the UFO catchers once again, the people there being all so willing enough to help us win the things we had our eyes on! A set of purikura, before we had to go back to Asakusa and get ready for our live later that day, which took place in Takadanobaba AREA.

Imke didn't feel well and decided not to tag along, so it was just me and Ali. We decided on a twin coordination that day, luckily Ali let me borrow some of her stuff so we looked basically the same. Head out to Takadanobaba and it was a goddamn miracle we found our way there so easily and right in time before bands started to play.

3月12日2012 @ 高田馬場AREA
ジグラット / コドモドラゴン / N@H-ノア- / LANDZ /
EAT YOU ALIVE / ヴェルテクス-Vertex- / BIOSPHIA

I was excited to see N@H-ノア- again! I can't believe how much energy Rai has! I was also curious to see コドモドラゴン ever since Ali had told me about them. I really enjoyed all of the bands that played, except for EAT YOU ALIVE. I don't know why, but their set seemed a little 'boring' to me. BIOSPHIA on the other hand pulled me off my feet, just like ヴェルテクス-Vertex- I really recomment seeing those if you have the chance, as well as コドモドラゴン
The crowd was really nice as well. Ali met this girl, who'm she had known (I had no idea obviously hahaha) and she gave us chocolates, swapped places with us when Ali's band played. The last band that played were LANDZ, and we decided to stand in the back. Basically, we went all out together and became careless of those around us, until we noticed how a couple of girls next to us joined us all of a sudden. SUCCESSSS!! It was an amazing live not to say the least!

Quickly after the live we head out to go to Shinjuku, decided on purikura instead of waiting out in the cold. Most amazing thing was when someone accidently marched into our booth :'DD

You can't really tell but I looked sideways all 'WTH IS GOING ON' when she walked in haha! I'll upload better scans of my purikura in a later post. You can vaguely see our outfits. MarpleQ shirts (Which are more like a dress THANK GOD) and loads of glitter in our hair because we felt like it. I feel sorry for the people at the hostel hahaha (NOT!!)

After that we head back since it was cold. Once in Shibuya we nearly stumbled over this guy who was seated in the corner and literally had thrown up ALL over himself, and his friends making fun of him obviously. Once in Asakusa we RAN over the blue bridge, now also knowns as 'BRIDGE OF DOOM'. Which...Actually was pretty funny because we probably looked like a bunch of chicken on the run. Imke was still awake luckily, but we couldn't stay up too late, as the day after was going to be busy but also fun!


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  1. Hahah! You included so much more than what I could remember. OMG! Brings back so many memories.