35 ♡ TOKYO [3] Shibuya & Harajuku

Today would be a shopping day mostly, so we head out to Shibuya first! Ofcourse we kept in mind it'd be busy. It was March 11, exactly a year after the terrible earthquake and devistating tsunami. Busses and lanterns held flags that said 'THANK YOU JAPAN' or 'Action for Nippon' and there were many companies trying to raise money for the victims of the tsunami.

109 as usual, was rather crowded but we were able to make our way trough. They were handing out free samples from Skin Food I believe it was called, as their shop opened that day.

After we had gone trough most of the shops, we decided on getting some food before Ali'd lead us to Harajuku (I've been lazy and always took the train in my earlier trips haha) The weather was nice and we had time so why not!

Ofcourse, it being a Sunday, Harajuku was PACKED with people which made it hard to get trough. I wasn't too bothered, as I randomly walked into stores anyway. We visit the 10th store, where I sort of hoped to find A's bracelet which unfortuatly was completely sold out. Just my luck, haha! I managed to snatch a Kiryuu one though!

Since most of the stores were closing down by now, we decided to eat something at Wolfgang Puck's, as I for some reason always end up there after a long day of shopping hahaha! Bring on the burgers and sandwiches! After we had sat around and made some purikura, we head back home. What I got, you'll probably see in the upcoming posts of my gets!


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