34 ♡ TOKYO [2] CALICO cafe / Mahou no Kuni no Alice & KINEMA

Today was going to be a busy day, so we got up early to meet our friend Ku who is currently living down in Aomori and decided to join us for a day. We met up at 9:30AM at Ueno station, and decided on breakfast at the Hardrock Cafe. I already ate something back at the hostel so I got a cappuchino, while Imke had an amazing American breakfast haha!

After that we decided to get going, our first stop would be Shinjuku's 'CALICO CAFE' (猫カフェ 新宿). Ku had already told me about this cafe, and I had been dying to go. What else is better than being surrounded by 40+ cats!? (Especially since I am not allowed to have one of my own..) We stopped for purikura and set off to the cafe.

Upon entering you will recieve a batch with a number, and you are requested to take your shoes off and desinfect your hands, ofcourse to keep all cats in a healthy condition. All your things can be put away in a locker, and you are free to enter.

After we had sat around for a bit and got settled with the cats, we decided to move to the floor below where Imke and Ku had already taken place and got attacked by cats, as they had bought a small box of chicken. So..I decided to get some too. I'm not lying when I say they literally attack you to get some. I had been sneaky though and kept it to myself, until the most adorable Persian came over. Not soon after I was surrounded by cats as well (Much to the annoyance of the woman next to me who tried to read a book, HAH)

Since we didn't have that much time, we left about an hour later to another cafe Ku had suggested, and because I knew Imke likes Alice in Wonderland. It was quite a hassle to find out where to go, but Ku and Imke did the trick and we finally found the cafe! (It's hidden so well too haha)

The staff there was insanely cute, and ofcourse everything was Alice themed. Since it was rather fully booked we only got a certain amount of time to finish our food, which was alright since we also had other plans. I had decided on a salad, pasta and a caterpillar cake. I'd recommend this restaurant if you like themed places, the food looks like a piece of art! I felt bad crushing my desert hahaha.

When we finished, we took the train to Uguisudani and head off to club Kinema (東京キネマ倶楽部) We had gotten tickets for Kisaki's 'BIRTHDAY EVENT' I'm not a huge fan of UCP bands, but there had been Diaura and Lycaon that I had wanted to see. I have no regrets going at all, the atmosphere was amazing and not too busy. There was a band called N@H-ノア- me and Ali had gotten excited over, and I think they really won our hearts. Lucky for us, we were going to see them again soon.

3月10日2012 @ 東京キネマ倶楽部
凛 / Black Gene For the Next Scene / DIAURA / Lycaon /
Megaromania / 怪奇!!動物アジテーター / N@H-ノア- / SOMATIC GUARDIAN

SOMATIC GUARDIAN started off and it makes me sad they're disbanding, because their set was amazing! So much interaction with the audience! But it can't be helped, they even joked about it themselves. DIAURA and Lycaon were amazing, Yo-Ka is so violent hahaha! And so is Yuuki. At some point I couldn't move my head anymore but Yo-Ka ushered us to continue..LOL /headroll.

I wasn't too excited for Megaromania, and we left somewhere after Lin set off (It being Kisaki's birthday party, they were up last) Mainly because Ku had to leave back to the airport, and Ali had taken off earlier, I didn't feel like staying myself, considering the rush of people that had to go up with the elevator too haha!

Cruising back to Ueno (Which luckily wasn't too far) we said our goodbyes to Ku who had to go back to Aomori, and we set off back to Asakusa where we found Ali back home as well. All in all, it was such a lovely day, even if we had to squeeze so much together. But I guess that makes it all worth it too!

NEXT ------ Off day @ Shibuya & Harajuku

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  1. These cats are just freaking cute (*.*) And Japan the only country that may invent something like this 'cat café'. *smile*

    nice Line-Up, but have to admit that I personally don't like SG as they're... well, not that good meetings in Japan. (^^)"