33 ♡ TOKYO [1] arrival + shibuya

Fiiiiiinally I get a chance to blog. Jetlag has been killing me, while I usually don't have any problem with it, I guess having a fulltime job makes it a little harder getting back into my normal shedule. But I can finally write down my entire trip, even when there's still pictures missing, I'll make sure to upload those in different posts!


YES, 3 in 1. Because Wednesday we left to the Airport Hotel straight after work, since we'd fly at 7:30AM that Thursday morning. All went well, we stuffed ourself with delicious food and went to bed waaay too late, to get up at 4AM.

Checked in, and waited around since most of the stores wouldn't open until 6 and we were getting rather hungry too. Found STARBUCKS and sat around until we were allowed to board on our flight to London. Waiting at London seemed to take FOREVER, since Heathrow isn't exactly exciting either we just bummed around until it was time to board our flight to Tokyo.

Imke's tea, it was beautiful! A flower appeared

And that's when things started to become rather annoying. Appearently a bag was lost/stuck, systems failed so it couldn't get on board which resulted in a 2 hour delay. 2 HOURS OF SITTING AROUND with no drinks or food whatsoever. When we finally took off, it seemed like FOREVER for us to get to Narita.

Luckily, I was able to get some sleep and skipped all the way we flew over Russia. (Occasionally waking up thanks to movies I was trying to watch lol)

Finally, with a 2hr delay we arrived safely at Narita, but I was getting stressed since Ali was suppose to pick us up at the time we landed. I had no way of contacting her either so I kept my everything crossed.

Getting to Asakusa wasn't a problem at all. The only thing that bugged us was the fact it was pouring down. And ofcourse,..I had taken the wrong umbrella. After a bit of cursing and taken the wrong exit (LOL don't even ask) we were on our way, hoping to find Ali at the blue bridge. We couldn't spot her though, so decided to go straight to the hostel. All soaked and whatnot, we had to wait until 3 to get the key to our room, and LUCKILY Ali appeared!

We were able to drag our suitcases up and got some food since we were all starving, before we head out to meet a friend in Shibuya. It was still a bit overwhelming, but I didn't feel tired at all. We had decided to meet at 6:30, and thank GOD she found me because there were so many people.

We head out to 109, mostly to browse stores but I ended up buying a sweater I had been eyeing at Glad News. God their new collection is absolute love! The staff-chan wore the most amazing shoes, but unfortuatly they'd turn me into a tree so I had to pass on those.

After that, we went to an amazing pasta restaurant called SHIBUYA 029 my friend recommended. It being Friday evening, most places seemed to be packed with collegues out for drinking.

I had a wonderful time with lots of laughter! After that we decided on a gamecentre for purikura and to try our luck at the UFO catchers. Unfortuatly, it was getting late and we had become rather tired so we head back to the station and said our goodbyes. But, I'd meet her again, so all was good! Even though the friday had been rather short, we still managed to get out and have a great time.

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  1. I miss Japan but I dont miss the long ass flight!! XD hehe
    Your face in the Puri is amazing hah :D

  2. Glad you're having fun and ekfjlkewdkje your face in that puri xD It's all "LOOKAT ALL THESE BUTTONS I WANT TO PRESS 8DDD"