37 ♡ Animecon

Just a little post in between moving and getting settled. When it's all done and a little more like home I'll post pictures! As for now, I'll entertain you with a couple of pictures from last weeks' Animecon.
As I had no time to think of a cosplay, or even make one I decided to style up! It was funny how a lot of people mistook me for Charlotte but I also felt flattered because she's absolutely gorgeous!

My outfit for Friday;
Dress: Tralala
Bolero: LizLisa
Shoes: Yumetenbo

It was nice to get so many positive reactions about the style! I hope I managed to get a few more girls interested in gyaru fashion :)
Later that night it was time for Deshima Sounds, so I changed into my Rilakkuma kigurumi. DJ's MK* and Neodash were playing, followed by Remo-Con! I can tell you it was one hell of a party :)

Waking up next morning, I noticed how my eyes had turned red and swollen thanks to my hay fever :( So I wasn't able to wear my lenses that day.

I worn this lovely yukata from Yumetenbo. It's one of the few that actually fit me height-wise, since I'm so tall. Not feeling too well, I later changed into something else.

I felt much better afterwards! Too bad I had to work that evening and the next morning, feeling sick as a dog :c I had a lot of fun though, glad I made the decision to go after all :))
Now the weather is all good (YAY 27 DEGREES!), so I'll lean back and enjoy the sun some more! Have a wonderful weekend everyone ~


  1. whoaaaaa dat maid pakje *_* Omg marry me, let's make pretty babiessssssss

  2. Where you get that lovely maid outfit? :3