28 ♡ HYPER meet

Seems like my phone randomly erased my last post, which is alright since it was about the GGA. Hope everyone made their votes on time!

So, this is already two weeks ago (I know, I'm super behind on everything :c ) but I wanted to update about it nonetheless. HYPER had a giftswap meet that weekend, and at first I wasn't sure whether I could make it..BUT I DID! I didn't join the giftswap, but it was alright. Everyone got super lovely gifts, and it was nice to see everyone's reaction!

This was my coordination for the day. Nothing super exciting since it was really cold, and the wind ruined my hair even before we arrived at Rox's place! Luckily her place was warm and crunchy!

Outfit rundown;

Shirt: Buffalo Bob's
Jeans: Offbrand (Takeshita dori shop)
Shoes: H&M (collab for 'The girl with the Dragon Tattoo')
Accesoires: Vivienne Westwood & Offbrand

Please ignore the messy hallway (Rox had to move several things out and more people obviously live there :'D)

And a group picture, taken from the lovely Gigi!

I had such a wonderful day with my gals, and I hope we can have more of these in the upcoming future. Everyone's really busy, but I look forward to our next meet.

And secretly...

I hope the weather will go warmer soon.

Everyone, please stay warm and safe :)


  1. You all look hot and gorgeous!

  2. I love your style! Great outfit, hair, makeup--everything.
    Aww, the group pic is adorable!
    I too am hoping for warmer weather soon ^_^