20 ♡ 26hr days.

Yes, I wish a day had more hours. I seem so busy lately, with work and hanging around with friends (Work mostly, but I have a week off now) And there's so much to blog about, like my recent gets, but I didn't even have time to put pictures together yet /KRY.

So, you just have to deal with this one for now!

Tomorrow I'm leaving for Germany! I love Germany so I'm glad to be able to stay for a few days. After that, home for 2 days and back to Germany for Japan Tag. Is anyone of you going? It'd be lovely to meet you guys!

Aaaand, I sort of lied about not having -ANY- outfit photo's. This is one of when I went to Charlie's place to celebrate our birthday;

(Please kindly ignore the mess and the dirty mirror)
Outfit rundown;

Onepiece: D.I.A
Belt: D.I.A
Tights: Topshop

See you guys in a couple of days!!

Take care and dress warm, it seems like summer has finally come to an end (As far as we were allowed to call it an actual summer haha!)


  1. I'm completely in love with the 1st outfit, especially the jeans!

    I wish I could pull that kind of outfit off, but my bodytype + fat won't let me XD

  2. Nice outfits! And have fun in Germany! :D

  3. Your both outfits are awesome!
    Have a good time heere in germany!

  4. Lovely outfits! Have fun in Germany!