19 ♡ Good & bad times

Regarding my last post, I took a few days off from blogging since my bunny didn't make it trough the night when I posted. It was such a sad thing to see, but I know that I've done all that I could. It was a lot harder on me as I thought it'd be, but it seems that even the smallest creatures can win over your heart. Rest in peace, little man.

I've been up and about the past few days, not feeling too well but I managed to drag myself trough it. Starting off with;


I helped out at the concert that was held in the Netherlands. Since I didn't have much time to get ready, I went for a simple, somewhat darker look (Inspired by Nonoka). I had to work there anyway, so dressing up wasn't really an option (´∀`)

Everyone was insanely nice, the staff & bandmembers. I'd like to give a big THANK YOU to all of them (And perhaps to whoever made desert..Cake & Yoghurt ou-la-la)

(Yes I know my boots are way too big (´∩`。) ) They wanted pictures with all staff so, there we go. The members returned safely to Japan, and we'll keep our fingers crossed for them to come back. It seems they had a wonderful time in Europe.



  1. Awwww, that picture is so cute! : 3 (lol@sans booty and yus awkwardness btw)

    I really enjoyed their shows in berlin and cologne 8B would have been too cool to go to utrecht and meet you. D : next time for sure!

    I still feel so sorry about your bunny. ;o; wish I could hug you.

  2. really cool picture! :3

    how come you got to work for them?

    I never listened to nega but I think I'll go and check them out XD

  3. Hyu: Hahaha, when I zoomed in it looked like Yu was trolling the picture. Next time you should totally come here ; n ; I will keep my fingers crossed for their return! I feel hugged <3 Hope I can come see you sometime soon!

    Astrid: Thank you! I do work for the organiser whenever there's a live in the Netherlands (Not Nega in particulair haha) You should check them out, I enjoyed their music!

  4. I had a bunny years ago. I cried a river when she passed. I know how you feel T_T

    And wow, nice pic, I'm jealous, hahah! Nega is one of my fav jrock bands ♥.