18 ♡ My rabbit

I know this totally off-topic, but I need a place to write this down. Since 1,5 years own the cutest bunny, called Statch. A few days ago, he stopped eating and drinking, so today I went to the vet. I hate to see him suffer, for me a bunny is just as special as a cat, dog or horse and I love animals. Seeing him like this is heartbreaking..

The vet basically said that he's in a bad condition, and that he might not make it. I was given the option to put him down, so he wouldn't need to suffer, or do our best to get him back up upon his feet. I couldn't ever get it over my heart to put him down if I know there's still a chance for him to survive. But now I'm home, and I look at him..

I don't think he'll make it trough the night.

I'm going to keep my everything crossed that he'll get trough this.


  1. Stay strong, both of you!

  2. Heel veel sterkte, voor jou en voor Statch. Ik hoop heel erg met je mee dat hij het zal overleven en weer beter zal worden!!

  3. i just hope for u two, that he'll make it!
    Pray for u

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that!! >__< Some people say "aah don't worry, it's just a pet" but I think they're part of a family...they're a family member too.. u__u You have to think he was so happy living in your house and surrounded by people who loved him!!

  5. Who's cutting onions at this hour? ;_;
    Hope you and Statch are ok <3

  6. Try to make him feel better again. I know, it's a very hard situation (as I have a little rabbit family myself), but keep trying your best, he will feel it ♥