7 ♡ How to straight a synthetic wig.

Finally a (hopefully) useful blog entry!

I grew a little bored today, even though the weather outside is lovely, the wind is blowing way too hard to enjoy the sun. Another reason was the fact I wanted to have a straight wig. Most of the wigs I own are curly, or wavy.

Ofcourse, I could have ordered another one from Ebay. But why not work with the things you have? It's a cheap way of .. recycling old items? Either way, this is a fun and fast way to turn your old wig into a new one. (Note; This is a synthetic wig, NEVER use a straightner on a synthetic wig because it'll melt!)

What you'll need;

» Curly wig
» Big comb or brush
» Spray to untangle hair (I used one from Gliss Kur)
» Water cooker (Or if you're really old fashioned, boil your water..)
» Conditioner
» Something to put your wig on (It needs to be straight in order to get the curls out; I used the showerhead)
» Hairdryer

First, comb out your wig. It's easier to use a big comb. Make sure you get the biggest tangles out of the hair. You can use the spray so it's easier to comb trough it. No need to worry if there's still bits of tangled hair, you get to comb these out later.

My wig after combing. (See it worn in the last post)

Once you're done with that, boil the water in the cooker or the old fashioned style (I'd say, get a watercooker haha!) Make sure the wig is hanging down straight when you pour the hot water over. Don't worry, your wig won't melt! Wet all of the hair, before you put the conditioner in. Carefully comb trough it. Don't pull the hair, you don't want your wig to end up looking horrible.

After the first time of pouring the hot water over it.

I repeated this step about four times. Rinse, comb trough, put conditioner in it, comb trough and rinse again. Once you think your wig looks straight enough, make sure you wash out all of the conditioner, and carefully squeeze the biggest amount of water out of the wig. Comb trough once more before you start blowdrying.

Straight enough? Time to blowdry it.

Be careful when using your blowdryer! Make sure the temperature isn't too high, this way you could end up ruining the wig after all when small bits melt together. It might take a little longer this way, but in the end it'll be surely worth it.

Carefully dry your wig, make sure that you comb trough the hair every once in awhile to make sure the hair won't get tangled again. You could use the spray you used in the very beginning to make sure the hair looks soft and untangled.

Et voila. Your wig is done!
When the wig is still wet, you can also try to cut the ends a little straighter, so they won't end up looking like rat tails.

I hope this was useful. Any questions or want to let me know your experience, please drop a comment 


  1. Ahh wow, I never knew it was so easy! :D

  2. It's so simple, and you get a great new wig for it in return! I'm totally in love with it right now haha!

  3. Wowie, awesomeness! I wanna buy wigs but I'm just so unexperienced with that kinda thing ;___;

  4. Make sure that if you buy a wig trough Ebay, the seller has positive feedback only. Since most wigs come from China, they might not always look like the picture, so don't get your hopes up too high (They're usually very cheap too, this one was $9,99 shipped) So this method always comes in hand if you're not statisfied with your wig ^ o ^

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