9 ♡ Hair & Tape extensions

After ages of deciding what to do with my hair, I finally managed to make up my mind. I've been horrible when it comes to hairdressers' appointments, and I always had odd cuts and now this one is starting to grow out weird, and the ends are insanely dry. I've been trying to use hairmasks, but at some point it can't be helped anymore right?

So tomorrow I'll be getting my hair cut rather short I must say, but it's all for the best! (I keep telling myself it'll grow back haha) I know gyaru is all about the long, curly hair but I do love the shorter styles as well. In my opinion you can pull gyaru off in many ways as long as you got the basics right!

This is what I'm basically aiming for :)

The red part sort of indicates what length it'd be. I will be doing the coloring myself, since I don't want to end up with a horrible color like last time. If something is bound to go wrong, I can atleast blame myself for it haha!

I hope I can find matching extensions to get it styled like that. I know the two-tone is getting a little old, but that doesn't keep me from getting it done :D

Which brings me to the next topic;


I don't know if you have ever heard of it, but I've seen it in Japanese hair tutorials before, yet I had no idea what they actually were. It might be something old I'm bringing up now, but it sort of fascinated me when I came across it.

Basically, they look like this:

A piece of tape with your extensions stuck to it. You need 2 pieces to cover up. Part your hair, place one of extions with the sticky side up, underneath the hair you parted. Take your second extension, and place it above the parted section with your own hair in between, to cover the lower sticky part.

Like I said, I have never tried them but it got me curious. I think it's a pain to take them out (Remember when you'd accidently get tape stuck in your hair as a kid?) but the results seem really nice, almost unnoticable.

Do you have any experience with these kind of extensions? I'm tempted to try them out, but I'd rather not ruin my hair even more.

Also. I'd like to thank everyone for following me! Once I've hit 50 (Yes, only just 50 but I'm still grateful) there'll be a give-away. I hope I got you guys curious :D

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  1. Ive never heard of these extensions before!
    I can see the benefits, Im sure they are super flat and not noticable
    But I cant help but think they will pull your hair out easily when you remove them D:

  2. Yeah! Basically the 'tape' is see-trough so you won't have anything sticking out or showing when you put your hair up, and you can't really get stuck with your brush or comb. But indeed, it must be a painful way to take them out. Perhaps you can heat the tape so it'd let go? I'm going to do some research on that haha!

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