10 ♡ Travelling HONG KONG

Originally I wanted to make a combined post about both tanning and my upcoming travel, but due to the fact my net had been acting up rather bad, and I wasn't able to post earlier, I need to save the tanning post for later. Due to the busy days at work, I've been slacking quite a bit, but have a sneak preview!

This leads me to the next topic (In a silly way haha)

Tomorrow evening I will be leaving to Hong Kong for three weeks!
The original plan was to go back to Japan, since I had to miss out last year. We were suppose to book our tickets on the day of the earthquake, and decided it was wise to change our plans since we weren't sure what the future'd bring. Therefor, we're going to leave to Hong Kong instead!

It'll be my first time, and I'm incredibly excited. Even though I suck when it comes to packing (I've already re-packed atleast 5 times now..) I already had a lot of information from people who went, sightseeing etc. I'm curious to see how the gal-scene in Hong Kong is (Naturally, all kinds of fashion ofcourse) but since LizLisa has stores, and a lot of Japanese make-up brands are sold there, I'm looking forward to it!

If there are any gals that happen to be around in Hong Kong, feel free to leave a comment! I hope I will be able to update as much as possible, depending on the internet connection. I'm pretty sure it'll be a interesting and most awesome trip!

Please stay tuned for the next update(s) from Hong Kong ~

(Picture taken at Deshima Sounds together with the lovely Scarlet Penta) I had my hair cut a few weeks ago. For me it's..insanely short haha (Possibly very good for the weather in Hong Kong though!) I still need to get used to it.

Outfit rundown;

Dress - D.I.A.
Bolero - New Yorker
Tights - Top Shop
Shoes - ??

More will follow in the upcoming days. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh I love the new hair Juu, it really suits you!
    The tan is showing already as well haha, I'm still pale-ish.
    I hope you'll have a good time in HK~!

  2. Thank you Alice > w <; It's sad that it was really windy and rainy outside so it became all flat D:

    I thought my tan was unnoticable but it does show on pictures. Don't worry bb, you'll get there! <3

    m(_ _)m Thank you again! I'll think of you gals when I'm there <333

  3. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Scarlet in the house, yo!

    Babe I wish you all the fun in the world in Hong Kong, relax, blow of all your steam and make many great memories ne~

    (And say Hi to val from me as well! Hope you guys will arrive safely!)


  4. Have fun in Hong Kong!!!! :D :D :D