12 ♡ Hong Kong -part deux-

Well hello there, after almost a week. Seems like there hasn't been much time to update, since we have been exploring most of Hong Kong these days. We've come across some nice shops on which we plan to visit later.

The picture above are the first pair of shoes I fell in love with after a long - looong time. I saw a girl sporting these in pink and I told my friend that it was my destination to find these shoes. For some reason these kind of sandals (which look like MBT sandals) are trending here in Hong Kong. MBT sandals are proven to have a positive influence on your walking and body, but they aren't exactly fashionable in my opinion. It seems that the shoestores in Hong Kong have found something about that. I found these at Laforet in Causeway Bay and I couldn't help but to get them! They have a lot of cute tiny stores in Laforet and Island Beverly, if you happen to go to Hong Kong it's definitely worth a visit!!

We also went to Harbour City, which has almost everything under one roof. A wonderful day out if it pours (Like it did a few days ago) Too bad our attempt to see the Symphony of Lights kind of failed thanks to a tropical monsoon.

Also, if you're looking for a purikura centre;

Go to WTC in Causeway Bay, up on the 6th floor, but be sure to avoid the big groups of high-schoolers on weekdays! I'll try to post some in the upcoming post.

Heading to Kowloon soon, so stay tuned!

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