13 ♡ International Gyaru meet ★ A M S T E R D A M

Some people might have already seen this on Facebook, but this weekend we finally had the 'International Gyaru meet' in Amsterdam! We had the lovely Monica, Marcus, Amanda, Ingvild and Eivind over from Norway, and Sascha from Germany. Then there were the gals of Shebooya, and the lovely HYPER girls, and a lot of other people interested in the style.

The meet-up originally was 3 days, but most of the people showed up on Saturday. The weather had been treating us well, until we head off to have dinner at Wagamama's.

On Friday we celebrated Marcus' birthday at a Chinese restaurant. I didn't take any pictures since I forgot my camera, and I looked like crap because I had been working all day (and rushed off to the station to be at the party in time) After that we went into Amsterdam for a couple of drinks, but seeing as everyone was rather tired, we head back around 1 (And...didn't fell asleep until 3)

The next morning we got up an hour later as expected and got ready. It was time for something new and refreshing, and I hadn't really told anyone about it so..I was curious about everyone's reaction..

Something before 12 we went off to the station and met up with all the other gals, and left to town a little before 1. Some went to the sex-museum, but I decided (broke forever) to go into town and have some food instead.

(With the bella chika's from HYPER PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT) Rox, Jessica and Estherbel.

After that we all met up at La Place where the others had been eating, and went for another stroll until we'd have dinner at Wagamama's. (If there's a restaurant of them near you, I really suggest the curry!! BEST THING EVER) It was quite the sight, all the people looked up when we marched in with a 30+ group, asking where we were from and why we looked like this.

Me and Sascha

Later that night, we couldn't decide where to go or what to do. I was pretty tired, but we did end up drinking at the hotel, playing a game called 'Time, No time' (which is pretty silly when you had a few drinks) when Rox told me they'd come over and drag us out for a good time. And a good time it was!!

That was the whole group before people had to go home, and before we went to have food. As you can see, the weather wasn't exactly on our side. So basically, the promised 'BEACH' was far..far away.

My battery sadly died somewhere along the way, so that left me with just a polaroid camera. I will try to post some of those later, when I figured out the settings of my scanner :'D

So I will leave you with our kick ass food-baby court table!


  1. °///Ö///° you looks like a boy.. omg I would fall in love with you, if you been one XDD
    Amazing, you looks so cool <33
    The photos looks amazing XD

  2. Sounds like a fantastic time! :D

  3. YOu look great !! Gosh, i would fall for you too |3 Also I recognize Sascha~~ he's everywhere but he's really nice ^_^

    You all look great! Wish I could meet your gyaru-sa one day!

    +follows you+