8 ♡ New layout & Moonboots .. In summer?

YES! It's finally up; My new layout featuring Mipotan! The second outfit is one of my favourite coords. I have also added a shoutbox to the sidebar, please check it out!

And now the weather is gradually getting better, it's time to clean out my closet! A sales post will be coming up featuring d.i.a. dresses so keep an eye out!

I tried out my new blusher by Sephora, even though it's not really clear in this picture. I love it to death, it really gives your cheeks a rosy color, and it stays on perfect! I also bought this jumpsuit, which is perfect for warm weather.

A better view of the jumpsuit; ↓ ↓ ↓

I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather! 
Right now I am looking for suggestions to blog about, I seem a little inspirationless these days. So if you have any, please let me know!

Also, what's up with this thing about wearing moonboots in summer? I was looking trough the new EGG and I spot Kanako wearing an outfit, combined with moonboots. Interesting..

I'm curious to your oppinion about this. I've always found moonboots kind of cute since they make your feet look all small (In case you have very big feet haha!) But I've never considered wearing them in summer..


  1. Lovin' your outfit! You're so pretty <3
    Erm... Idk... I don't really like the look of them lawls :P But I'm guessing they could look cute on some people?
    I really like your new layout as well :D

  2. I had some red moon boots and I loved them! I lent them to a friend though and he wrecked them :'(

  3. Lizzie: Thank you so much! I think somehow they can look cute in an odd way, but I don't think they go very well with the outfit ):
    I'll still be working on the layout here and there, so keep an eye out :D

    Crysta: Ah, never trust a man with your shoes haha! I had a cute furry pair, but I had grown so attached to them, they eventually had holes in the sole ): It's sad to part with things you like, right?