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I must be the worlds worst blogger ever. Are there awards for such a thing m(._.)m  ? I'm just kidding. I've been really busy with work, and now I finally found some time to update about the Oslo Couture meeting! (Maybe I'm still depressed about the weekend being so short, I had so much fun!)

I had to work on Friday, so I had to hurry packing, which I always end up doing last minute, and went off to the station where I met Imke. Everything went smooth, to the airport and onto the flight where we arrived a little after 10PM I believe. I totally lost track of time. We had to spend that night at Gardermoen Motel since we arrived so late, and left early on Saturday to Oslo city. (So, we missed out on epic karaoke (´・ω・`) )

9AM butt face ó ò
Our hotel was fab, with semi-see trough windows in the bathroom. KINKY. It took us not too long to figure out where we had to go, and arrived a little later at Oslo station, where a lot of gals were already waiting. Everyone looked gorgeous, and they were so nice. Everyone introduced themselves, and we took out some cash. Met Monica after such a long time and we head off for lunch.
Eivind and our sunglasses.

Omelette! Their food looks like art!

I think we stayed there for quite some time, and had a nice opportunity to get to know each other :D  When we were done eating, some people left the group to get ready for the evening, and we went into town for several things. At this point, 99% was complaining about how bad their feet hurt already ( ̄▽ ̄) So a few of us ended up buying new shoes (among other things!)

Alex, looking adorable!
We had dinner at such a nice place, which we suddenly filled with a lot of people, gaining a lot of stares ofcourse. I wasn't too hungry, so all I got was a sad spring roll (I swear I thought it was bigger, please don't think I never eat ( ´∀`) ) And I shared fried rice with Hanna

Christine looking fab * 3 *

Had some looovely conversations Alex and Christine too. We had to wait a little before we were able to go to the party place, so we hung around some, eventually leaving off to the other place by bus. At this time I was cursing the heels I was wearing ( ̄へ ̄)

I had a LOVELY time that evening, despite there's a hole in my memory.
Sums up the evening pretty much (*≧▽≦)
The next day (LOL) me and Imke had a not so tasteful breakfast and decided to use all the time to get ready, so we ended up getting at the station a bit later as planned to have lunch with the others. And again,..I was full from breakfast so I ended up eating pancake and icecream. YUM!

Me and Rebecca with our fabulous moustache. I love her style!
Picture by Monica.
We wandered around town just a little longer, which wasn't exactly going fast. We got free coke, a man who's kid nearly got hit by a cab when taking a picture of us. 

You can see him on the picture ( ̄▽ ̄)

We all head off to the station and said our goodbyes since me and Imke were flying back on Sunday evening. Again, everything went smooth, we experienced that Gardermoen should invest in more restaurants with healthy food ( ̄へ ̄) When we arrived back in Holland,..Ofcourse all the trouble started. We missed two trains, had to go to Amsterdam Central and weren't home until 1AM, completely broken ofcourse.

But, they couldn't ruin this awesome weekend. I had a blast, and I can't wait to see everyone again. Thank you again Monica and all COUTUREGALS for organising this! I hope more meetings like these will be arranged. 



  1. Waah, ur so cute when you're piss drunk :D :D Miss you!

  2. Really the best weekend.. ever!
    On to the Dutch international meet ^.^