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I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's! As for me, it went by as any other day. I had to go to the hospital to get a birthmark checked, nothing special one would say. This one however was infected all of a sudden, so I after a visit to the doctor, he sent me to the hospital. They checked my whole body, and I need to get atleast 1 removed. There goes my plan of tanning. They will check it if it's nothing bad (such as cancer) and I'll get the results when getting the stitches removed. Sage ( ´_ゝ`) However, health comes first!

Today, I was happy to recieve my package from Yumetenbo! It contained (veeeeeeeeery) belated Christmas gifts, so I hope I can still make good use of it. Honestly, I was scared to order since I heard various stories of the quality of these items. However, I decided to go for it ~

The contents; Dress ☆ Cardigan ☆ Sweater ☆ Gloves

☆ I must say the quality of the dress is not what I had expected it to be, but it's probably the fabric that's used. It's a thing sort of fabric, but thankfully it doesn't really show! You just notice it when worn.

☆ I love the cardigan. I got the biggest size, because I always have trouble with sleeves, these thankfully are long enough, and the lace doesn't even bother me that much. It has small holes for your thumb to put trough, a big ribbon on the back and smaller on the wrists and hoodie. Very cute!

☆ The gloves are very soft and fit perfectly, ribbons are detachable. I don't believe the fur is real, even if they state it's rabbit fur (I only figured this out later (´・ω・`) )

☆ I absolutely adore the sweater. Much thicker as I had expected it to be. M size fits perfect when worn with shorts underneath (That's for being tall haha!) I love the cute little pompoms and the off-shoulder look.

The only bad part, in the process I ripped a huge hole in my suspender-like tights. WAY TO GO! I need to find new ones as soon as I can.

Cardigan (Yumetenbo) and tights (Topshop)

It's time to be lazy for now and get some things fixed. I have been out of the loop (INTERNET) for some time, still am practically. So I will entertain with a pair of Spongebob's hiding in my houseslippers. I only just noticed how creepy it looks (*≧▽≦)

Socks (Came in a random bunch I got from Ebay, attempt to get Rilakkuma ones failed obviously)
Houseshoes (Primark)

Next post will be about hair! Please look forward to it ☆

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  1. Sageeee, maybe try to fake tan? It's better for your skin :)

    If the fur is like, ridiculously soft, then it could be real I know rabbit fur is mega soft
    Or even easier, if it feels like your rabiit it might be real haha XD