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Sorry for the bit of time between updates, but my laptop has finally given in and died after 3 years of loyal service (*´Д`) Please bear with me here!

Last weekend, I went to London to meet up with the gals from 「PINK MARBLE」 with who'm I had a lovely time with. It was the first time I travelled to London by train, which I have found very convenient!

On Saturday, we went to Trocadero and made some purikura together;

We got dressed up to see the Japanese band -OZ-
At the Trocadero, there is a tiny shop at the entrance called TokyoToys, AND;

They are currently selling GEO lenses. They have a wide menu of all sorts of lenses, and they are pretty good at giving you the right information of usage and outcome. I purchased the 'Magic Color - Twilight Blue'

Their prices range from £14,99 to £22,99 and they have a lot of different styles. You can either find them in the shop, or online @ TokyoToys I must say, I am very happy with my purchase.

On Sunday we took it easy since we were all leaving home. We went to the Japan Centre, where I got the new issue of Popteen. I haven't actually had time to look trough it yet, but the cover seemed promising!
After that, me and Emelie decided to hit Chinatown really quickly, but soon found ourselfs caught in a tiny little store, where they were selling things such as Dolly Wink lashes, Koji / Canmake make up and a lot more. Unfortuatly, we were in such a rush I didn't catch the name of the store. It's on the opposite of the small market! Also it was sad to see that Pandora has closed it's doors. No more delicious crepe's (´・ω・`)

The next actual meet will take place in Oslo, which I am really thrilled about! 
Thank you Monica & Couture Gals for organising.

We're all C R A Z Y!

I am still figuring out how to use this blog, and how to connect to others, so I'm sorry if I happen to mess up. Any help is ofcourse, always welcome ♡


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