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This weekend was SHEBOOYA's first ME2 of 2011! Even though I am not a member of this cir anymore, I enjoy hanging around with these gals, as they're outgoing and really friendly. (Crazy in some ways!) It was a special meeting, because MAX's girlfriend, Mika, was visiting Holland. She came here all the way from Kyoto to meet up with all of us!

She's wearing a furry coat by ROSE Fan Fan, which happens to be one of her favourite brands, too. We had a little talk about brands, music and gyaru in general. She also told us, that the word AGEPOYO was something created by Aina and Yumachi (As many probably know) Still, a lot of gyaru use AGE and SAGE, like Kanako. I thought it was interesting to know!

 Even though I recieved a lot of positive comments, I wasn't exactly statisfied with my look (Neither did the weather approve of my hair it seems (*´Д`) ) I hope you get the idea though!
Next time, I'll make sure to do a outfit run-trough! I'm just -insanely- happy to have found boots that somehow cover my knees. With my height, it almost seems impossible.

The upcoming weekend, I will be travelling to London! I will be meeting up with the gals of 「PINK MARBLE」 which is a recently started nago-sa. Please check out their website and アゲアゲ vlog, especially if you're in the UK (^∇^) ☆







  1. I always use "Age" hehe XD
    I dont know what the poyo part it meant to mean though loll

    You looked so good, I almost didnt recognise you with your hair like that! :O
    Weve both changed so much other the years havent we? :D

    I didnt realise you would be meeting Pink Marble, I hope you have fun!

  2. Ye, I had fun :D

    It was good to see you again to :D