22 ♡ Happy belated everything!

It's been almost a month since my last update, but I can tell you I've been crazy busy with work mostly. Thank you all for following me, once I have the time I'll make sure to check your blogs out as well!

So, Halloween was a few weeks ago, and HYPER's Elise organised a party at her place. I had a lot of fun, seeing a lot of new faces and ofcourse my beloved amigo's Charlie, Rox and Imke. As I was completely clueless about an outfit, I just threw something together with the help of Elise and Rox.

I decided on a Minni Mouse outfit, the hat I bought back in Tokyo Disneyland and the hands I had still laying around. A while later, a couple showed up dressed as Mickey and Minni, which was rather cute. I totally did not fit into the image, haha!

There were loads of amazing costumes, and it was great to see how everyone had put effort in it. Halloween isn't an actual thing we celebrate here. It only became more populair over the years, up to the point where they now started selling decent decorations in stores.

This was the first time I wore these lenses, as I thought they wouldn't really fit with gyaru. They're pink with a black outline, actually making your eyes pop out a little. I must say, they were very comfortable to wear, and I feel bad that I have them for almost a year and didn't get to wear them up to now. (I even forgot what they are called or where I got them from..)

I ordered two new pairs, but unfortuatly they didn't come in yet. I might try to review them once they are here!

Next update soon, please keep an eye out!