23 ♡ Hair cut

Exactly, I got a few inches choppped off my hair. Basically because it was rather damaged and the last time I went, the hairdresser messed up big time. It was the only time I changed from my usual hairdresser, since it was right before I left to Hong Kong, but I will never ever do it again. The cut was rediculous and ended up paying a lot for it too!

I'm glad that I had the courage to go back to my usual hairdresser. Unfortuatly..It had to be cut rather short to get it to match with the rest of my hair.

Not the best picture, but I wasn't really amused either. /derpface

Now the only question that is left,..Should I dye it a chocolate brown, or leave it this color? I can't seem to decide :c


  1. loks really reeally great!
    leave that color *_*

  2. Aww, I never trust hairdressers! (>_<) It actually looks really pretty though!
    And I like the colour it is!

  3. Nnnn, I love your hair and the hairstyle. ;_; Wil ik oooooook. /snik
    You're too pretty, stop it.