23 ♡ Lazy Sundays

What to do on a lazy sunday? Other than my dad taking me on a tour through the middle of nowhere (I can now tell all the places next to my village..), I decided to try out a new wig that came in just a few days ago. Originally, I had wanted to use it for other purposes but it needs some work. It also seems that my camera has a few issues ; n ; so I'm stuck with my iPhone for now.

I am still waiting for my lens-order from PINKY PARADISE and a belated order from BORN PRETTY STORE. Unfortuatly, they had lost my tracking number, and after more than 4 weeks I still didn't get them. After writing them an email, in which they were really nice, they re-sent my order, so hopefully I will get those soon.

And, on a happier note;

☆☆ I will be going to Japan from March 8th - March 17th!! ☆☆

If there is anyone that'd like to meet, please let me know! I'm really excited, since the last time I have been there was 2009. It doesn't seem that long..

Time flies, doesn't it?

Now I need to figure out how I can make this blog look a little more decent. I'll try to add my twitter and tumblr account as soon as I can.

As for now, Happy St. Nick!


  1. I still love the wig. I'm gonna look a tool in mine, yo.

    Let us meet next time in Japan! ヾ(*′エ`*)ノ

  2. What a cute wig! *gasp* I may be in Japan from March 9th -21st!

  3. I hope you have an amazinnngggg time!
    I am trying to go to Japan next year too! but not sure when :X if I happen to be there during the same time, I will definitely let you know! ♥