15 ♡ Abunai -part 1-

Something I look forward to every year, is Abunai. An anime convention that grew out to one of the biggest in Holland. But this year it was extra special!

After the meeting in Amsterdam, the lovely ladies from HYPER asked me to join their circle. The decision was easily made, and from that date I have been part of their sa.

This also meant I was able to join them in the Gyaru fashion show that was held at the convention. On this day, about 3000 visitors would be there, and we managed to fill up half of the big hall, which I think is pretty amazing!

(We even have 2-angle video material haha)

Everyone looked absolutely stunning, I'm really proud of these girls, and honoured to be part of this cir. I was presenting the host and gyaru-o (Rock) style.



I'll show you what else I've been up to in the next post, so keep an eye out. I'd also like to thank my recent followers, I'll try to keep you entertained!


  1. Yay for the fashion show!! I loved it <3 And in the last pic you see Sascha's hand xD You looked so good during the show, as did the others. It was a huge succes <333

  2. You were amazing <3!